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It`s in the novel marriage agreement kk. 😊 “That`s why if there`s an information board that`s read!, it will be pushed forward tomorrow Friday,” Sarah nodded. “Don`t go,” he said softly with watery eyes. The grimant dance. “Okay, that`s it. Thank you for the time. Dance gets up and walks to the room. His chest is always tight. However, her husband will always opt for the wife.

“Why you? Dizziness? Tari asked when she saw her husband`s pale face. When will the next chapter be held,,??? Sdh does not patiently end nunggu his “Nggg”. Sarah was reluctant to say so. Normally, Bian was nice to him, but not today. “Sit down first, I missed it, it`s been a few days since you saw each other.” The story is good. .tp Chapter 21 is not open. Tks. Wants to find the novel ah.

The dance roared annoyed. He fought back. “Bian!” He hardened the sound. The novel is now in Lot 2 at 30 Sept. Kk domizil wo ist kak? His eyes were very difficult to open, were now opening perfectly and looking at me. Like flying with the clouds, floating up there, the pain that penetrated too low when I opened my eyes, was no longer the beautiful cloud I saw, but the ground and the tears of my body. “We go to the doll`s palace first, make the hoax disappear,” Tari said. Sarah was stunned. Bian never refused. His face was red with shame.

“Ehem, ich.” He doesn`t know what to say. If I could be honest, I never wanted my relationship and Krisna to be like that. Anyway, I still consider him a friend. I hurriedly ran to the office, often looking at the clock in my hand, even less than 5 minutes to start working. “Well, because if you like to bring groceries, I want dong,” Lisa suddenly said. Bian slowly rubbed his face. No, he can`t compare Sarah to dancing. He knew his girlfriend for the first time since they went to college. And he had already asked Sarah to wait for him. He must keep his promise.

“You seem to be distant.” His girlfriend felt distant. While Sarah was being treated, Bian visited her in the hospital. He began to feel something unusual. Her boyfriend was always caring and loving, but. It`s not like it used to be. His eyes are dark. No longer emits the same light. “Okay. I want to make breakfast first. What do you want to eat?” asked Tari, revolting. . Without saying goodbye, Tari walked to the door.

Outside, he took a deep breath and tried to eliminate the oppression in his chest. Tears had fallen on her cheeks. He can`t stand it anymore. Can no longer help. “Around last night… ” said Bian. I promise that the incident with Ami will never happen again. I guarantee you that no one will talk about you or your family,” Bian promised. Dance turned her head as she held clothes to dry. He was waiting for Bian to speak. I only really learned this information when Adrian never talked about home office issues, including those. “There is no rice. I just make pancakes,” Tari says. It looks like we`re running out of milk.

We have to do the shopping this weekend. I see what`s in the fridge for breakfast. Bian walked out of the car with a tired face. Last night, he accompanied Sarah to igd`s house until his girlfriend could have a room this morning. His body is tired. He needs a shower and a break. But today we have to go to work. Is it just permission? Please in his heart. “Okay. A well. In that case, I`m sorry.

Let`s say last night I forgot! Peter said he hurried to let me go to the bathroom. Bian looked doubtful. Sometimes, just waking up late, it must be the morning prayer at the mosque. He came in and found Tari out of the room. How to get there. The clothes are neat. “Dance… bian shouted. He had a lot to explain to his wife. .

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