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Volunteers will perform general cleaning and maintenance of facilities, three boat launch points, two campsites and a picnic area. The service includes lawn maintenance, soil maintenance, general carpentry, light construction projects, panel maintenance, scraping, painting and waste disposal. For the sponsored volunteer contract, add a list of all volunteer names, addresses and phone numbers and get signed and dated by each volunteer. Electronic volunteer contracts are available on the forest service`s internal computer network at To facilitate your entry into the writing of service descriptions, here are some examples of common volunteer positions. One of the most important points of the voluntary agreement is the description of the service and the essential eligibility criteria. Don`t forget to include the project`s location or location, a description of the service, and the capabilities needed to complete the tasks. Do not use the type of personnel management of the terminology used for a staff description. They do not want to blur the distinction between federal public servants and volunteers; maintain this distinction both on paper and in practice (WSF 1933.11). Applicants provide name, address, telephone number, age, preferred work categories, available data, preferred location, physical restrictions and accommodation preferences. The information gathered in this form helps Agency volunteer coordinators and other staff balance volunteers with the agency`s opportunities for fitness and candidate availability. The signature of a parent or legal guardian is mandatory for applicants under the age of 18. In the volunteer agreement, indicate when the volunteer is on duty and off duty (Figure 28).

In some cases, this may be difficult to determine, but try to indicate the most accurate dates and times you can provide. In cases where the service is carried out on a flexible schedule, for example. B for the campsite hosts, the agreement provides that the volunteer is on duty when performing tasks in the description of the service and, in all other cases, outside the service. Some units failed to indicate hours of service and pay the price when a volunteer was injured during “off duty” hours. As the agreement did not set service schedules, it was considered that the volunteer was on duty and that the unit was responsible for the injury. The volunteer contract can be amended at any time with the written agreement of each party. The existing agreement may be terminated, a new agreement may be developed or a signed and dated amendment may be attached to the existing contract. Minor changes to the agreement can be made to the original document and initiated by the volunteer and forest officer.

OF-301 Volunteer request: Volunteers can access the Federal Voluntary Services ( website, websites for individual agencies and/or contact points to apply for volunteering (OF-301). OF-301A Volunteer Service Agreement: This form is used by participating resource agencies to document volunteer agreements between a federal agency and volunteers, including international volunteers. The signature of the parent or legal guardian is mandatory for applicants under the age of 18.

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