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A home inspection is performed by a home inspector following the sale of a home. This inspection is an assessment of the current condition of a home. Home inspectors are professionally trained to identify problems and risks with a home and can offer recommendations based on the inspection. A pre-inspection agreement allows you to define the exact conditions of your inspection and helps you isolate yourself. EliteMGA requires that you always have a signed pre-inspection agreement before starting an inspection. Also check with your insurance company. You may not find it necessary to read your agreement, but it is advisable to have a conversation with them about what they recommend or expect. The Foundation of Real Estate Associates stresses the need to get hold of a pre-inspection contract signed before each order, without exception. Have you ever wondered why insurers ask for a copy of your pre-inspection contract when you make or extend your first purchase? This is due to the fact that insurance bodies make your contract an official insurance document.

Therefore, you need to update the insurance company if you change your agreement so that they can revise your policy. EliteMGA has developed an insurance program exclusively for the home inspection sector. Contact us at 1-800-355-1185 or via our website to learn more about our errors and omissions insurance and your pre-inspection contract. An article from the American Society of Home Inspectors Reporters describes what`s wrong with many pre-inspection agreements and how you can create a good one. One trick they give is to make sure it`s readable. What does that mean? A critical element of the home inspection process is a pre-inspection agreement. A pre-inspection agreement should be signed by customers before a home inspector conducts an inspection. A pre-inspection agreement sets clear expectations and protects the home inspector from future claims and litigation. Essential elements for pre-inspection agreements are included in the contract. For added safety, EliteMGA`s Facility Inspectors offer errors and omissions insurance policies that protect them from complaints or claims based on omissions or errors during an inspection.

Sometimes pre-inspection agreements are difficult to interpret and understand. A pre-inspection agreement must be easily legible by containing the correct spelling, appropriate fonts, spaces and organized text. While this is necessary, it is even more important that the technical details of home inspection are easy to understand. Be specific to identifying key elements for pre-inspection agreements. If you are invited to inspect a home, it is a good idea to have the potential buyer sign a pre-inspection agreement. It would be nice if treaties were useless and commercial transactions always went smoothly, but that is not realistic. Regardless of that, it`s a good idea to let a lawyer review their final draft to see if they have any additions or suggestions. It`s worth the money spent once in advance to make sure your pre-inspection agreement legally covers you in case of customer issues.. . .


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