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Only ADS and/or OSP may formally accept funding for gifts or sponsored programs on behalf of the university, and ADS and OSP must therefore comply with this policy in deciding whether to accept a gift or prize from the sponsored program. Given that these agreements present unique risks in the academic environment and are difficult to negotiate, Z.O. contracts with Harvard as a contracting party are expected to be exceptional and non-routine. Those who must comply with this directive include all points of delivery (OSP, HMS SPA and HSPH SPA) for sponsored program bonuses; School-level public servants who manage or negotiate sponsored gift or program bonuses in their schools; THE OTD; UDO; DISPLAY; and all schools and units, university initiatives and centres, as well as all Harvard University faculties, other university staff, staff, students and others who apply, seek or receive external funding at Harvard University. Agreements to participate in research activities conducted at Harvard, which may create research and/or intellectual property activities at Harvard using Harvard resources, are subject to certain university guidelines and, in some cases, to the terms of agreements between Harvard and third parties. This policy includes the ethical implementation of research results, the publication of research results, the retention of research records, and the university`s IP policy statement, which governs patentable inventions, copyrighted works and material materials, determined by the use of funds, facilities or other resources provided by or by Harvard. All DUAs are considered research-related agreements and must be monitored and signed by the Office for Sponsored Programs or the Longwood Area Offices for Research Administration (HMS/HSPH), in agreement with the Signing Authority delegation, taking into account grants and research contracts as amended. The signature of an institutional official certifies that commitments made under these agreements can and will be met and ensures that all DUAs comply with all relevant laws, regulations, agency directives and academic guidelines and directives. The university must manage all funds received in accordance with current federal, regional and municipal laws and with the specific conditions of a gift, grant or contract. The university`s approval, negotiation and agreement processes and mechanisms, accounting, budget practices, supervision and compliance practices differ depending on whether the funds received are considered a sponsored gift or distinction. Sponsored programs that submit offices (OSP, HMS SPA and HSPH SPA) OTD, UDO, ADS and the Propstes office, are responsible according to the above procedures and taking into account the above factors, to work together to decide whether external funding is a gift or a sponsored award. Sending offices and OTDs are also responsible for following the normal procedures necessary for the acceptance and implementation of a sponsored price. An agreement under which a party (“party to publication”) undertakes to provide another party (“receiving party”) with confidential information about its business or products for specific purposes, usually the evaluation of a future business opportunity, purchase or collaborative commitment.

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