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However, in this sense, there are a number of ways for a company to ensure that employees receive shares and that the company always retains the right control. One of these possibilities is a shareholders` agreement that details the relationship and helps everyone understand their roles, rights and duties. If this is not done correctly or not at all, relationships can suffer and become more confused. An agreement can also help resolve the blockage of decision-making between owners as shareholders. In the absence of such provisions, it is possible that a situation that is not advantageous to the business or owner could continue indefinitely. The shareholders of a company are those who determine what should be included in the company`s shareholders` agreement. The nature of the clauses that the company must take into consideration depends on many different factors, including the nature of the activity that the company will create, the number of shareholders and the main purpose of the company. Sometimes investors can delay this deal, especially if they want to start the business first. In such cases, be sure to get back to the task of creating the agreement if you have more time.

No matter how many issues arise, it`s important to create this agreement to protect your shareholders. The presentation of the shareholders` agreement generally contains specific, essential and practical rules relating to the company and the relationship between the shareholders. This could be beneficial for both the company and the shareholders. A written shareholders` agreement can help prevent other owners from reducing the value of your investment through their shares. This can be done by the following evidence: 4.2. Trade secrets. Each shareholder acknowledges that the customer lists, trade secrets, processes, methods and technical information of the company and all other matters determined by the President or by the written agreement of all shareholders are valuable assets. Unless the written consent of each of the other shareholders is withdrawn, each shareholder agrees never to disclose to individuals or organizations, except in authorized connection with the activities of the enterprise, a list of customers or a name appearing on that list or a trade secret, lawsuit or any other matter referred to in this paragraph while the shareholder holds. or has control over the shares of the company or at a later date. For example, your company may have a particularly charismatic chairman of the board who, although a minority shareholder, has great influence over directors and tends to impose decisions on important issues.

3. Identify shareholder value. The valuation of a company is extremely subjective.. . .

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