Sample Health Coaching Agreement

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This is one of the parts of the MOST CRUCIAL agreement. If you talk to a potential customer, there is a chance that you will tell them what is in the package you have offered them. BUT – they are very unlikely to have written it all down, and if they do, there is a good chance that they missed something or misspelled it. SO, if you send them the customer agreement, this section is the one they`re going to check to make sure they understand what they`re buying. Many buses act as stand-alone companies. In fact, due to the popularity of coaching companies, most coaches work fully as their own units, acquiring clients as needed and desired. A coaching relationship can cover any topic. In general, these types of relationships include life coaching, business coaching, health coaching or a combination of these areas. You can also cover something completely different. When it`s time to pay for the new client, most coaches and consultants know they need something to validate the deal, a kind of contract that includes how much he`s been paid, what he gets, what you hum and what happens when things go wrong. But what most people don`t know is that you can`t just look for a “contract” on Google, copy/paste a few items and expect it to be a legally binding agreement that actually says everything you need to protect your individual business based on your individual offerings. Confidentiality: The coach will only pass on information about our work with your written permission or if I am obliged by a court order to communicate to others.

While I have no counsel or psychotherapy, my training, my license and my certification as a mental health consultant may indicate situations in which I am legally required by federal and regional laws to violate your privacy in order to protect others from damage, including the following: Your signature below confirms understanding and consent to this: I understand that I am working with Julie O`Hara for professional health coaching. Professional coaching is very different from medical advice, medical care, counselling, psychotherapy or psychoanalysis and does not deal with the diagnosis or treatment of medical or emotional problems. As professional coaching is not a consultation or medical treatment, no health insurance applies. You need a client agreement, designed by a lawyer, especially for you (or a validated model to protect your business) that knows the field of online coaching and consulting. A contract is not suitable for everyone, even in the online field. For example, what a health or wellness coach needs in his or her agreement is different from what a business coach, virtual assistant or social media strategist needs. It is a question of money. Your consent should be clear about the cost of the program and how to pay. If you allow the customer to pay with a payment plan, you have to describe it in detail – how many payments? When are they due? What happens if they miss a payment? That`s the second way I see the number of relationships with clients breaking up — the client misses a payment or falls off the radar, and the coach doesn`t know what to do. If your contract is properly drafted, all of this will be taken care of. Instead of arguing and panicking about how to charge the person, what you should do and if you have the right to take action, you can simply start implementing the steps outlined in your contract, what to do if a customer misses a payment. Best of all, your client has already agreed to all of this when he signed the contract, so there`s nothing to argue about.

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