Infraction Deferral Agreement Indiana

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1. That the accused pay $192.00, $192.50, $252.00 or $252.50 (the attorney will award the amount at the time of your telephone request) to the court author, payable only by cashier`s cheque, certified cheque or payment order. NO PERSONAL CONTROL. This amount must be paid on the day you sign the agreement and must be attached to the signed agreement. 3. That the accused is not charged with another offence or offence for a period of six (6) months or one (1) year (the same period as paragraph #2 above) from the date of this Agreement. The Johnson County Attorney`s Office and local law enforcement are committed to improving the safety of motorists using our highways. To achieve this goal, a program has been put in place to help motorists have a good driving record and avoid having to appear in court. As part of the deferral program, authorized drivers can have their tickets postponed.


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