Haiti After Mcc Agreement

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The Pacts are five-year agreements between MCC and an eligible country to finance specific programmes aimed at reducing poverty and stimulating economic growth. MCC`s unique model for the development of compact programs reflects the principles that marked the creation of the Agency in 2004. These include the principle of country participation, the belief that aid is most effective when it is based on a partnership (or compact) in which recipient countries take greater responsibility for their own economic development. “$70 million? That`s a lot of money” for a project that never saw the light of day, Voltaire said. For this amount, “we could have a beautiful port in St. Mark,” a few miles northwest of Haiti`s capital. In Kanaan, a new town on the outskirts of Port-au-Prince that emerged after the quake, he added that they “could make 72 km of beautiful road or 72 primary schools,” with all this money. At the end of last year, Kanaan — Haiti`s third largest city today — had less than 5 km of paved roads and a public school for every 300,000 people. Studies by groups such as the Conservative Heritage Foundation in the United States have shown that in many developing countries that have received external assistance, their per capita income has declined or stagnated over the past 40 years. The Heritage Foundation consistently supported the MCC`s approach, which used its trade measures in the Economic Freedom Index. [44] In April 2005, the United States Government Accountability Office published a positive report on MCC`s work [45] The Programme Assessment Rating Tool (PART), which examines the effectiveness and performance of the United States. Government programmes are expected to be reviewed in 2007. [46] A 2006 study on the MCC effect estimated that potential beneficiary countries improved the ACM criteria by 25% more than other countries after controlling for time trends.

[47] The World Policy Council, led by Ambassador Horace Dawson and Senator Edward Brooke, recognizes the MCC as the newest and most promising program in its territory and has recommended that the Bush administration and the Congressional Black Caucus focus on full funding and accelerating spending. [48] Doing Business 2007 cited the Millennium Challenge Accounts as a catalyst for ongoing reforms in 13 countries.

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