Ftb Installment Agreement Online

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In the IRS article, I wrote about the new “Fresh Start” initiative to enter into a instalment payment agreement with the IRS if the taxpayer owed $50,000 or less. You don`t need a CPA or lawyer to negotiate a payment agreement. You can do this yourself by calling a toll-free IRS number. The California Franchise Tax Board (FTB) launched a similar “Fresh Start” program in March 2012. If you owe $25,000 or less to the FTB, you can do it yourself, either by calling a toll-free number or by going online. The FTB refers to this process as the development of an “interim payment plan.” You can set up a 60-month payment plan at www.ftb.ca/gov/online/eIA/Apply_Online.asp or by phone at (800) 689-4776. An application fee of $34 will be added to your tax credit if you apply for a payment agreement in instalments.

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