Exp Realty Independent Contractor Agreement

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This agreement, along with all the company`s supplements, exhibits, annexes and directives and procedures defined in this agreement, constitutes the whole agreement between the parties and is expressly and explicitly taken up in its entirety, as if it were fully set out in this agreement. There is no oral agreement or other agreements of any kind regarding the purpose of this agreement, With the exception of those included in the actual conclusion of the merger agreement, Glenn Sanford has resigned as President of eXp Realty International Corporation and our Board of Directors has appointed Jason Gesing as Chairman of eXp Realty International Corporation and Steve Alamin as Chief Operating Officer of eXp Realty International Corporation. Glenn Sanford is still the Managing Director, Chief Financial Officer, Treasurer, Secretary and Director of eXp Realty International. In addition, our Board of Directors has appointed Glenn Sanford As President of eXp Realty International Corporation. The Securities and Exchange Commission has adopted regulations that generally define Penny`s shares as takings of shares with a market price (as defined) of less than $5.00 per share or an exercise price of less than $5.00 per share, subject to certain exceptions. Our securities are covered by penny equity rules that impose additional requirements on brokers who sell to non-established clients and accredited investors. The concept of accredited investor generally refers to institutions with assets over $5,000,000, or individuals with net assets of more than $1,000,000, or annual income of more than $200,000 or $300,000 with their spouse. Penny`s stock rules require a broker to issue a standardized risk disclosure document in a form established by the Securities and Exchange Commission prior to a transaction on a Penny share that is not exempt from the rules, providing information on Penny`s shares and the nature and amount of risks in the Penny stock market. The broker-trader must also provide the client with current offers and offers for Penny`s stock, the compensation of the broker and his seller in the transaction and monthly account statements that include the market value of each Penny share on the customer account. Offers and offers as well as the broker`s and seller`s compensation information must be communicated to the client orally or in writing prior to the transaction and communicated in writing to the customer before or with the customer`s confirmation.

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