Data Processing Agreement Sap

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The order form is your order document to subscribe to SAP`s business cloud services. It defines the commercial conditions and defines the structure of the contract. See the SAP opinion on the judgment of the Court of Justice of the European Communities concerning Schrems II concerning the international transfer of personal data to third countries. Learn how SAP respects and protects the rights of individuals and their information, as well as the rules we follow. The British Standards Institution has certified SAP data protection and privacy processes. Here you will find various contractual documents for SAP`s cloud, software and service offerings. If certain order forms refer to it, these contractual documents form the basis of your contractual relationship with SAP. To prove our obligations in terms of compliance with data protection legislation, SAP has a large number of measures, such as.B. Sap implements and implements technical and organizational measures to ensure adequate protection of personal data, based on the processor`s instruction to process personal data uploaded to the cloud. The General Terms and Conditions of Sale (GTC) describe the main legal provisions applicable to the chosen cloud service, including rights of use, customer data, guarantees, confidentiality and limitations of liability.

The data processing agreement applies to SAP Cloud services that process personal data. It ensures that your personal data is properly protected and defines the obligation for SAP to maintain the corresponding certifications. We respect the privacy of individuals. Special guidelines and data processing agreements with our subcontractors help us comply with all relevant laws worldwide. SAP regularly trains all staff members and annually verifies a high awareness of data protection with regular audits at more than 100 locations worldwide. The SAP-Cloud contract consists of 4 elements: the order form, the description of the cloud service, the data processing contract and the general terms and conditions of sale. . . .

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