Consignment Agreement Revenue Recognition

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CSA 606 provides three emission agreement identification indicators that contain the basic principles of the examples described in the Staff Accounting Bulletin (SAB) theme 13.A.2. As a result, shipping agreements are similarly accounted for under CSA 606 and CSA 605. This deferral of revenue registration is in line with the most recent accounting standards in the United States and internationally recognized accounting standards, which stipulate that revenues from shipment sales should not be accounted for until performance has occurred. When a company receives goods on shipment, revenue should not be accounted for until the goods are sold to a third party. These indicators are aggregated and the presence (or absence) of a single indicator is not sufficient to determine the transfer of control. For example, a shipping contract has transferred physical ownership, but recipients are generally not required to pay for the product until it is later sold. Suppliers often use these agreements to improve the marketing of their products, transfer products closer to the consumer or facilitate distribution by reducing the risk to distributors. ASC 606-10-55-80 provides three indicators of the existence of a consignment agreement: the credit on the commission account represents the income received by the recipient at the time of the mailing sales. The amount is due by the sender and is therefore reserved as a charge on the sender`s personal account.

Because the expenses relate to the shipment and are costs associated with the installation of the stock on its current location and condition, they are debited from the consignment inventory account. As usual, the credit item is either on debt or in cash, depending on the terms agreed with the supplier. Under the consignment agreement, the beneficiary is entitled to a commission of 700 (7,000 x 10%) and insert the following mailing accounting. The standard notes that this list is not exhaustive. Companies should therefore take these emission agreement indicators into account, in conjunction with global indicators and the definition of control transfers, since there may be periods when an indicator of the emission agreement is available and control has nevertheless been transferred (see example 2 below). However, if the indicators of a shipment are present and the control has not been transferred to the customer, the agreement is a shipment.

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