Commencement Of The Agreement

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In some cases, to put a pub in a pleasant condition for both, it may be necessary for us to carry out work at our own expense at the pub once you have started your new contract. These are called Lease Support Works and are likely repairs to objects that are about to expire or could represent an early financial burden on your business. The scope of this work will be agreed in advance with you and a full schedule of items will be attached to your agreement. From the date you start your new contract, the work agreed in your Lease Support Schedule is mandatory for us and we will endeavor to provide it in full within six months of that date. For example, some contracts, such as shareholder agreements, end when a shareholder ceases to hold shares in a company. The Programme Manager shall make available to the Contractor the list of recipients of the notification within 30 days of the start of the contract. And there is no limit to the number of ways to terminate a contract. This Agreement shall commence from signature and last two years and shall be automatically renewed for successive periods of one year, unless terminated in accordance with its terms. In English law, the duration of a contract is its duration: the period during which the contract remains in force. It is simply called “the duration of the contract”. They can also be terminated in different ways: no price increase is allowed for 365 calendar days after the start of the contract. The agreement will start on [date | Date of this Agreement] and shall apply for a period of [2] years and shall end thereafter. We don`t see the word “effective date” used by anyone other than U.S.

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