Building Contract Agreement In Malayalam

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The owner should be able to perform the work performed by the developer and require modifications according to his needs. The contractor is obliged to deliver the goods and products by contract. There should be communication between the owner and the contractor so that the project is carried out without problems. While the owners own land with #________ ___ (address of the land on which the construction is carried out) and wish to build a house on said land, in accordance with the chartered architect`s plan and the specifications, steps and quantities that are attached to this contract and are part of this agreement. 6. The contracting authorities shall release the owner from any claim, damage or expense to be paid in the aforementioned premises as a result of a breach by an employee, craftsman, nominee or guest during the Oder. The contracting authorities are also liable for damage caused to buildings, whether adjacent or otherwise, as well as damage to roads, roads, pedestrian paths, bridges or paths, as well as damage caused to buildings and works covered by this contract by frost, rain, wind or other bad weather. Before signing a construction contract between the owner and the contractor, it should be ensured that all goods are properly covered in order to ensure sufficient legal protection. Before handing over the building to the owner, the maintenance period should be indicated in the contract.

In most cases, the duration of maintenance is from six months to one year. 4. The owner pays the contracting authorities a sum of Rs…….. whose owner pays each week to the contracting authorities the amount sufficient to cover the costs incurred by the contracting authorities in respect of the materials used in the works, which have been verified and certified by the architect, Rs ……. on the architect`s certificate that the work is completed up to the first floor, the additional sum of Rs …….. . . .

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